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On behalf of all coaches and supporters I would like to welcome you to MYCOACHING.CLUB. The following offers are available to you free of charge in unlimited form. Our lists are updated several times a day, so check back regularly.

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Axel Schulze

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2020/03/23 | 23:00 AM (CET )








 For our free courses we use the free meeting platform "ZOOM". You can download the app for iOS, Android or Windows or log in directly via the website. You do not need to enter your name or e-mail address anywhere. The access to the courses is public. The livestreams are transmitted encrypted and not recorded.

  1. Download the app for free or go to the zoom.us website.
  2. Click on "join a meeting".
  3. Enter the zoom ID of the desired course.
  4. If possible, join with video (not mandatory), but WITHOUT sound.
  5. Join the course and power up.

Each course is limited to a maximum of 100 participants. If this limit is reached, the course is automatically closed. It is then only possible to re-enter the course if an active participant leaves it.

The virtual classrooms will open about 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the course. The trainers are responsible for the contents of the respective course. Our platform serves only to collect and announce free courses.

The broadcast program of our American Friends is currently being prepared. Trainings from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be found here: https://www.mycoaching.club/de/livestream

Please note that the trainings take place at Central European (cet) time.

We are currently looking for trainers who are willing to give courses on various topics via livestream. We ask all interested parties to contact us by mail at support@mycoaching.club.

Our trainers:

  • Mario Braun GER
  • Juliano Zylawyi GER
  • Stefan Roitner GER
  • Riza Günaydin GER
  • Pit Jäger GER
  • Sebastian Pitsch GER
  • Daniel Erdesi GER
  • Awi Rosenzweig GER
  • Ruben De Cillia GER
  • David Ippen USA
  • Désirée B. De Cillia AT
  • Uwe Pillgramm GER
  • Robin Basu GER
  • Simon Basu GER
  • Jens Lintow GER

GER =  Germany | AT = Austria | CH = Swiss

Locations of our participating clubs:

  • Nördlingen
  • Wemding
  • Monheim
  • Starnberg
  • Zorneding
  • Poing
  • Rheingau
  • Erding
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